Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Friday, January 2, 2009

A Toast To The Future...with clicks of time-lapse photography

Like every blog owner, posting for the first time for 2009 is faced with a gaggle of ideas and topics. For most choosing what to post ain't that difficult yet for little old me, it's like a multiple choice question with more than 7 possible answers. Reminds me of an e-mail I'd sent my sister before she came over for a Christmas vacay, I typed the words "lots of kwento (small talk in Tagalog)". They came and I barely filled in 2 hours of her time with small talk. I guess it's just me so used to clacking away on the keyboard and also the only one of 3 siblings who is fascinated with Internet marketing and SEO (line of work).

Anyway, I digress... The video posted just above is the best I can come up with to sum up 99% of everyone's year. Seasons of the year come year after year, yet the effects of these are felt a hundred different ways from any day. In the Philippines for example, not having a beau on Valentines Day or Christmas is synonymous to your heart being frozen. Happy days are when you can just raise your face towards the sky and enjoy how the sun's rays shine down on you. Losing a part of yourself, pitfalls and heart break is the season when your life turns upside down and when you wish the ground will swallow you whole. While weathering life's storms and surviving by the teeth...when you look back you amaze yourself that you've 'been there, done that' surviving with barely the skin off your back .

In both good times and bad, time is fleeting...Life happens and everything passes, I guess we just have to appreciate the life's little surprises-despite the nicks and bumps .

Bottoms up, shrug -off the hang-over and pick up where we've left off...Life awaits...

Fantabulous New Year to You all !!!