Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Year Comes, I Dare Ya T' Move...

Music does play a big part in getting any job done. Yup, I do zone out when I work (I think I've mentioned it before in another post). Before I take my much awaited vacation, copying my desktop's Mp3 on my thumb drive got me listening to the first songs that kept me company almost 2 years ago when I started this job.
This was way before I had a healthy respect and discipline for blogging and hearing the Switchfoot song "Dare You To Move" just made me want to share why this song's video got me up on my feet at the lowest point (okay, one of the multiple "lowest points") getting to start over again.

The video has this one guy running hard and taking time to catch his breath...then he starts getting his second wind again and ground pounds once more... this time it seems more difficult, with people rushing to where he had come from...the man was running against the crowd then after what seems like an endless scene of running he gets to where he expected to be...

The whole point to this post is a lesson...there are times when decisions have to be made not according to what others may think. A good example is today's bullying goes beyond juveniles and has upgraded to adult bullies (mudslinging:the tenure of the campaign could've been different IF Obama agreed with town hall meetings with McCain...ha!). Unlike when truth, honor, trust and integrity were priceless we have made these adjectives options and not natural characteristics. Everytime I read dailies on line, no matter how the stories may be different cases of violence against the weak, the innocent and peace loving people are flooding the headlines. Peer pressure, taunting parents or being labeled a ninny or whatever twisted thinking are the reasons why bad things happen.

It is hard sticking to what is right when everyone is weak...this song just reminds me that after the long and tiring run to make life right, I can't just give up. Sheer exhaustion can never be a reason to sit in the corner and wait to shrivel or die. Everyday is 24 hours of striving to be a better human being than you were a few hours ago.

Dare you to move like today never happened...