Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Friday, December 12, 2008


"I don't know what possibly you expect on under this conditions... "

One of the things that keep me sane aside from books and a computer is music. Most times while I do some writing projects thinking is mostly done with music blaring in my ear. Like most people whose creativity is locked in a corner in their mind zoning out is difficult with outside noise. In my unit's Mp3 there are almost a hundred songs left from my 1 year and 11 month collection. The songs are a mixed up lot yet they've served their purpose. 

In my earphones now are selections from Jack's Mannequin...I stumbled upon them while reading Stephenie Meyer's blog. Yup, I am going through my obssesive Twilight phase right now...So far in Stephenie's blog I have read through several chapters of the Twilight series (New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) and would like very much to see what the new director will do with Edward and Bella. Though the latest Twilight movie is entertaining, it pales in comparison with the book. But hey, how much can anyone squeze several hundred pages of literature into 2 hours huh?

For what it's worth...click on the links to see where my 'mouse' has been...Besides, break-time is very over...