Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Personal Journey, Pen to Paper

One of my favorite reads are inspiring biographies or accounts of people who made use of their gifts to reach their full potential-a feat not most of us would reach because of duplication...Seeing a famous (usually dead) person's life word per word from a biographer's account is time consuming that's why reading these is reserved for vacation leaves and stormy weather (which is rare in this region-ha!). My work requires me to face the computer an average of 8-9 hours a day which would make hardbound biography reading very tedious.

So I've turned to searching out and answering the un-spoken invitation to witness a life by visiting blog sites that have the same effect on me as a dead person's saga of personal travails and triumphs. One of the topics that carve a deep impression in my heart would be animal and pet blogs. Living in a region in Asia that is in it's first baby steps when it comes to animal rights, exotic and breed-rich animals recorded and studied at real-time spells fascinating read for me...

I am a regular browser of the Animal Planet website the internal links to Groomer Has It and A Season With Lions are the A.P. blogs I do love reading through.

Checking out what had happened with the on-line lionine friend, Dave Salmoni, I re-read an excerpt in a July 24th entry... “My purpose of turning this personal journey of mine into a television project was for me to bring other people along with me. To allow the people at home, who may not have the same opportunity in their own life to live with lions, to come along with me. This is the same purpose of writing this journal.”

This quote is so powerful that it moves a reader to accept the gift of experience and adventure through Dave Salmoni's mind and eyes. This is the basic and most elementary in journal writing be it on-line or pen to paper.

Journal writing benefits the writer by providing the proper place to talk deeply about things that rock their world. With no promise to convert but rather to share the bursting passion a single conversation can never cover. Putting myself in D. Salmoni's shoes, an e-journal is the best way to beat the shadow of loneliness. Considering that spending everyday for a season in the land of the jungle king is a privilege given only to a person who dares do what most of us wouldn't have enough courage and boldness to do so.

Considering every life is an adventure on it's own, I do believe that there are pieces of ourselves that are impossible to share all in one go. Being my parent's child and there were some aspects that set your brain on denial- in my mind (then) my parents will not deviate from the Ingalls' or Brady's (was I disappointed) ...As a mother of 3, I do accept that not all who I am in thought, creed or principle may agree with them just yet. Keeping a journal which I hope to pass on when I die, not necessarily to be the “Dummy's” guide book on anything, but as a frank and objective account of how I went through my life and how I survived rough waters and drowned in knee-high personal 'floods'.