Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Writer Aggression is Adviced

The night before, my eldest was mimicking the warning made before an episode of a crime thriller played. The warning was supposed to be "Viewers discretion is advised..." and instead of my NiKkI said "aggression". Anyway, the word stuck and I decided to use it in today's journal scribe post.

The art of journal keeping impresses and inspires yet in most cases when it comes to facing a blank page, it is one of the most intimidating actions. Writing your thoughts down and affecting a reader either by gaining admiration, hate or no-reaction ever extinguishes the desire to just 'JOT IT!'. Seeing that page utterly empty and needing some stuff on it let thoughts like "What if no one likes it?" or "NO ones going to want to know what I think!" intimidate one to put the pen down and crumple the page.

Let's get things straight first, journal writing is all about YOU. As far as the readers or posterity are concerned they are given a gift of sharing snatches of your life that has meant a lot to you. In my book that is a privilege and not negotiable. Why would anyone invest time and brain cells on journal writing? The answer would be the same for "Why should people talk?". Communication is one necessities man can't do without, even without the use of the voice and just a touch or a hand-sign, its is vital. Communicating through means of parchment and ink bridges gaps in time, provides a continuity and a short peek at how a worldwide concern has affected a person and those close by. Communicating a scene or even a rare appearance of a new specie of animal or an outline of a figure an artist thought of rendering- these are invites to witness and validate their existence by reading.

Getting the past the misplaced and imaginary inferiority complex, journal writing will be easier and free-flowing. Some journal writers also depend on journal prompts to jump start their entry writing.

Just like my fixation to the phrase coined from what my daughter said, it provided me with a writing prompt to get my thoughts on the subject out and posted. The same goes for pen and paper journals- a record of time, feeling and thoughts can be generated this way.

Getting the nerve to start and nourish a journal writing life requires aggressive belief in what you can do without caring. Before it gets misinterpreted, all this is in positive light. To be clearly a journal writer for the sake of the future that will not have any idea of how you'd look like or how you think as.

They say practice leads to routine which in turn leads to habit...journal keeping is just that.


Pam Plumley said...

Very well put I thought!