Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Thursday, August 14, 2008

Journal Techniques

Inspiration fizzles without a set goal and guide to keep on the right track. Journal techniques mean zilch if the most basic journal writing rule is not followed...Your journal is your life as you live it and not how others live it for you. In short, the journal reflects the TRUE YOU. Don't worry even if you may be prone to delusions, one is bound to write ones' truth.

Forcing your minds to think have an Alexander Graham Bell moment is useless. A journal is free flowing and an unconscious continuum in prose style, reference and subjects. Let's say the journal by James P. Chapen dealt with nature, he made notations and scientific illustrations of birds since his research dealt with ornithology. I'll mention Cameron Diaz too, she is believed to have 3 journals: work, personal and bedside. Instead of having 1 journal for all 3 subjects, Ms. Diaz' journal life concerns her career, private thoughts and maybe reflection.

When a journal prompt is felt, your handy notebook and pen creates the picture both your mind and heart see in life. Words are words, there is no reason to be scared ...to help out here are some techniques to keep your journal updated and in point.

Notations- brief descriptive entry that usually jogs your memory to that moment you noted something. A brief “Went to Fontana di Trevi...felt like Audrey Hepburn and tossed 3 coins and made a wish. Why not?” says a lot about how much walking the same ancient Roman roads like la Hepburn meant to you...

Illustrations- the beauty of having a journal and a pen is there are no batteries needed...you get to look around and absorb the surroundings and when you see something particular to capture or and image that comes to mind that bound paper and lead tipped or fine nib is there to render.

Writing- several times a day or in a week there is always a time of reflection and retrospect...there is also a time when writing about a problem shows you the how's and why's. Writing in your journal can show a pattern of how you live your life.

Jotting down things- this techniques is best described as the bookmark command. Jot down an interesting street address, a funny shop name, a minute observation...

Archive- some journals preserved by time contain several keepsakes that tell about what is written...a ticket stub to a concert, a photograph, a note from a friend.

Not to worry, any can be combined, mostly it is according to your need to use the techniques. Keep in mind that journal writing is a personal process, it is experiencing life around people, writing how they touch your life (or mar it) and in the end of your life it is for sharing yourself to those who thought they knew you a lot.