Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

La Moleskine

They say, the things you've got in your bag says a lot about a person. Ever since I could remember, the smell of new notebook paper is like a bouquet of fresh flowers in my bag. I could remember being reluctant having to write on the pristine pages and mix ink scent with that of substance 20 paper. I would gladly lag around a knapsack with my pens, book and a sheaf of bounded paper or the latest acquisition (READ: new notebook).

Others have the penchant for acquiring gems, watches or even a wish list for signature shoes or bags...my wish list comes in the form of the Moleskine Notebooks. I admit, being addicted to jotting down things down in notebooks or any piece of paper lying around...Now, a Moleskine is THE notebook that I envision myself using for thoughts to share to my posterity. Having THE notebook handy for some light bulb scenarios are the best way to practice journal prompts.

They say the Moleskine is the only notebook with a cult following, don't let your jaw drop too much. Out of billions of humans, I know I am not the only one liking the scent of paper and choose the surface best for my pen with fingertips to the paper. And as history would tell, THE notebook is the one preferred by several of the last centuries greatest and artistic minds. The arts and sciences have never thought the masterpieces or discoveries and studis were roughly done with the aid of a Moleskine. Van Gogh, Picasso did sketches and rough images on their masterpieces aside from notations about their thoughts during those times. Ornithologist and naturalist James P. Chapin had taken a Moleskine to Congo in Africa when it was possible to get there just by sea. Journal writing for Ernest Hemingway resulted to several literary outlines and entries that made print.

To my thinking, I am not destined to be world renowned nor my name known in the 4 corners of the world. I don't even have a cache of pearls of wisdom or even great discoveries for humankind to impress my grand children with. But for sure when my Moleskine gets here, it is designated to witness my life which sink or swim, I'd like my posterity to enjoy while taking all I've noted on it.

A notebook or several in a bag tells of a person that sees the world in it's interesting state and has a tendency to dream. Noting those who did have notebooks as companions in their journey, I could say I'm in good company.