Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Le Cahier (The Notebook)

"Who am I? And how, I wonder will this story end?" -The Notebook, chapter 1

The opening line on one of the greatest and moving love stories of all time sums what a journal is to its beholder. We live in a world where being yourself means several hats and identities to fit the people who matter most in your life. Being your self becomes a cliché because one can be just 1/100th of who they are even to people who have “known” them all their lives. Stop shaking your head and bite the bitter pill...when was anyone ever 100% true to oneself without being scared it might just scare the behemoth out of others?

Journals, yes those notebook-like things that absorb every letter and word of your most kept self. Today's society has gone overboard with being pc (politically correct) that the way people are classified are the first layer of rope that bind anyones freedom to be just themselves. Where is it said in the constitution that I can't be goth and be a fan of Branden Fraser? Or where does it say I have to be a bully or a head basher to get respect? Is it also in any federal law that my clothes have to be signature and expensive to be called a human being?

For awhile, when weblogs had started we were getting first hand dibs on a persons life which was just url away. Today, a great percentage of weblogs and social network sites with chat services and subscriptions are used by people who take up identities not their own as an escape from the bitter truth (your life's as boring as apple pie or too colorful to be taken seriously and anything in between or beyond). Of course several blogs to thy name may mean a great sense of income generation.

Now, with sturdy virgin pulp paper bound and covered in an all weather cover, a journal is where your real self can get out of solitary confinement. Writing away in abandon, without fear of judgment no retribution. Unlike its electronic counterpart (blog sites), comments are totally disabled!

Journal keeping and writing was popular way back when computers were as big as an average living room and too expensive to own. When a journal scribbler dies, his or her posterity usually get to see their late relative as a whole imperfect person. Heck even those with demented ideas jotted down bear witness through their daily writings their hardships, frustrations or even unfinished business. Oh, by the way journals by criminals, are the best source of proof and suspect profiling.

Personally, when I get my hands on the coveted Moleskine sets ordered from Avalon.ph, all the lose leaves of randomness and personal rants will be the best way to introduce myself to the future generations. As much as an iMac or them cool notebooks (electronic) are convenient to have and have auto-spell check and can customize font and color, paper and pen will never be rivaled by longevity.