Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to use the Rainbow Pass

Someone once told me if everything was moving so fast and out of control, I should STOP! Today while updating our company MeMe for Yahoo the graphic art from Isabella Simms put the breaks on the all too busy days I've had since January 14, 2009. Her yellow road sign diamond read:
                                UNIVERSE CLOSED (...) USE RAINBOW
All of us have a case of "What would happen to the world if I just left?" a sense of self-importance so misplaced since we just lose ourselves in the Universe. For those who come across my Rainbow, get a Rainbow Pass. Here's how you can spend it and enjoy the colors of life.
                                   How to use the Rainbow Pass
  • Think of the times when you knew you were in trouble and got lucky to escape narrowly. Be doubly happy and thankful because there IS someone watching over you. 
  • Walk where there is less concrete and more greenery or buy a plant for your home.
  • Relish doing the unexpected for your loved ones, friends and strangers- in a positive light, okay.
  • Invest in the talent you've had since you were young. Dance, sing, draw, whittle or shoot some hoops...Nothing can replace the smile of relief and blush of good memories they bring back.
  • Take an imaginary broom and sweep your mind for unwanted clutter. Anger, sadness, regret, suspicion, worry, hatred, vengeance and combat need to be thrown out. Some think they are driven to the top because of these negative energies. People just don't realize how much a negative is made up these negatives.
  • Redefine your vision and wear your rose-colored glasses again. Keep in mind there is as much good in others as there is in you (no matter how hidden).
  • Endeavor to instruct and reprimand with assurance that the experience is a process for growth.
A Rainbow Pass keeps your feet on the ground and reminds you of who you are and your purpose for being here.
“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” - Charles R. Swindoll

*links are books I recommend