Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Friday, October 3, 2008

Doggone it ...Joe six-pack, what say yous?

There are several ways to answer a question. After seeing this video and several after this has made me watch closely the Battle for the Next US President. Let's face it both camps made sure everyone in their ticket and the undecideds got a whiff of what their approach would be to winning points. The noise about the Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin reverberated to the South East and coming from a rabidly soap opera watching and reality TV voyeur-ing country, I just got hooked.

Before I get comments(finally get another one!), my interest on the US elections are more for self preservation rather than to ridicule (McCain/Palin maybe...Obama, Biden, no!). What America doesn't see is how we 3rd worlders look up to super powers and since we're never happy about our own President, we might as well root for the best people who would be the nation's allies.

I don't know what it takes to be a Democrat nor a Republican, being Pinoy means you get to choose your candidates according to how less blurry their platform is for the public...Meaning our fundamentals are as clear as Palin can put it,and also...

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My thoughts are more along the Democrat side since they sincerely put the public first, and besides their approach to politics is what we expect from the US and nothing else.

Now for the McCain/Palin camp (the folly of John & Sarah can't be the folly of all Republicans), they have exhibited the kind of politics that I am very familiar with. Since I could legally vote, my thoughts on who to vote for were often muddled by exposé and dirty laundry that what any politician can bring to the table was not talked about much. The only difference is that McCain/Palin never had to join in a dance number or go whitewater rafting in jeans or even wear hideously colored flack vests. What made the McCain/Palin campaign "tenor" so 3rd world was when they started off by scaring people and talk about lives not going to be easier and more wars to be started...the best line of campaign "tenor" was the way they played to ignorance and God fearing people who were also racists.

The Democrats, now that's what I call showing how to lead. From my backyard I can't say I see any of our neighboring countries but what I do know is that they Malaysia is very ready to give billions for our president to hand over some Philippine soil -part of which is the soil I am writing from! So as I said off the bat, knowing who our current president's ally will be in the US is assurance that objective solutions for OUR economy and governing will come from one who understands how it is to live needing yet striving.

I have never posted comments and video blogs until now, nothing left to say for me today...only Obama/Biden '08!!!