Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Music Prompts

There's a T-shirt design that says "I come with my own background music..." with a beatbox image. Sometimes it takes music to help thoughts become profound and absolutely clearer. Which brings me to "See It My Way"- Cabin Ghosts, last week onto the weekend marked the days it took me to be on the last stretch going home. In a previous post, "Death by Ballpoint 2", I anticipated the worst which did happen. Yet as in all things in life the good does triumph.

"but i can see a million miles through the dark when the lights are on you... ill make it back to your door...let me back in the boat, let me back in your arms and let me cry like til the wind I know you need me babe..."

I guess the need is mutual in all families...every leaf or branch that falls away in estrangement or natural causes is less of the family you started out with. Remembering my distress, I know how it feels to be angry at family. But I do understand how it made me feel more alone than ever and how much my need defines my place in the world of family ties.

The whole album of Cory Chisel is a modern day Bread-type of sound that just inspires you to have it in the background while toiling away...