Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Thursday, September 18, 2008

Death by (electronic) Ballpoint 2

There never is the right time to burst anyone's bubble, whatever means you use never really justifies the emotional distraction a mere comment can cause. I live in a country that had 330 years of serfhood so it is very much common to hear to let your offended sensibilities "cool it" in deference of an elder or just a down-right bull headed person.

Today, I am centimeters from the bottom and since there is no other direction to go (but UP)I use the last of my reserved self-respect to spring myself from this place I'm in.

Last month, when my present predicament was simmering, I e-mailed SOS's to (2) of the closest family. Instead of a reply or just a call or any floating device there was just silence so profound that I even doubted I existed. For one month up till last week one of those I've e-mailed responded, bottom-line saying it is bad-taste to ask for assistance if your life is not patterned to how they want to run my life.

This month, the simmering problem is now a boiling over...and just a few hours ago, I sent out an e-mail detailing and appealing my case and in turn frankly put down my thoughts on the 'shabby' treatment I got for my past e-mail.

I guess the 2nd death by ballpoint I have caused was that of my own in the eyes of my blood whose sensibilities which are offended by today's e-mail...