Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin
Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Day That Started Out With A Vacancy...

On my way to work I used the time to be grateful for life...When I got to my unit and doing the warming up stuff, i come across a message from Alberto...
"Pensa alle prossime vacanze (lontane)."
Italy fascinates me, that's why when Alberto Faccini's name came up for an add-a-friend I clicked the agree button. Anyway, loosely translated (as in word by word) this means :
"i think of a possible vacancy (far distant)."
As much as I'd like to be intrigued (break-up or moving out???) , this statement does apply to my being. Even at the age of 38 and counting this is the point in my life that I am open to what life may bring.

Now as I write, this day is steadily moving along with new paths to leave prints on and people to take interest in...This open to anything frame of mind has brought me to another page My Thoughts In Daily Living I got this Blog Award from there and am about to give it to Macky That Doesn't Exist, Survivor Insights, Roy Van Rivero, Tricia's Musings and David Salmoni's A Season With Lions...

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For a day that had started with a vacancy, things are starting to look great!